JCW ([info]9thmoon) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2001-06-25 19:35:00
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Proposal 301
To begin, I'd like to propose a change to Mutable Rule #209; "At no time may there be more than 25 mutable rules." In fact, I'd like to strike it entirely.
I think this will make the game more fun which is, after all, why we're here.

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2001-06-26 13:50 (link)
Fun! I vote in favour of fun!
And as a sidebar, I hate this journal format because the words run off the right side of my screen and vanish.

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Re: 301
2001-06-26 17:14 (link)

You don't have to vote yet; we haven't even had a proper debate. :-)

Are the words running off the side of your screen on the main journal page? I'll see if I can tweak that. I'm not sure what I'll be able to do since this community was set up as a free account.

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Re: 301
2001-06-28 05:54 (link)
so where's the debate?:)

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Re: 301
2001-06-28 07:41 (link)

Guess it's not that controversial of a proposal!

According to rule 111, it's up to September to decide when to call for a vote. I suggest making a new post to do this. If this were a rule amendment, I'd also suggest using that new post to present the final wording of the amended rule. But repealing a rule is easy; it just comes down to "do we chuck it or not?" :-)

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