Cyrano ([info]cyranocyrano) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2003-02-15 11:43:00
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If, before the week is up, all five of us vote 'nay' then each of us gets ten points for voting against a passing proposal, and we go to a simple majority rule 1.8 turns early.

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2003-02-15 17:51 (link)
i'm sleep depped so maybe im misunderstanding...
if it's voted down, then we _wouldn't_ be going to majority vote 1.8 turns early, right?

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2003-02-16 00:41 (link)
Well, someone's sleep-deprived, that's for sure. I don't get the logic, either. :-)

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2003-02-16 00:52 (link)
Oh, now I think I see where he's going. He believes that "unanimous" means simple agreement among all parties, whether voting yes or no. But the dictionary definition of "unanimous" includes agreement *and* consent (i.e. approval).

I can tell you that if I were Judge, cyrano's argument wouldn't fly. But, of course, if a Judge becomes necessary this turn, I won't be it...

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2003-02-16 11:03 (link)
That is indeed my tack on it. And I suppose it might depend on what the judge feels we're consenting *to*.

Main Entry: unan·i·mous

Etymology: Latin unanimus, from unus (one) + animus (mind)
Date: 1624
1 : being of one mind : AGREEING
2 : formed with or indicating unanimity : having the agreement and consent of all

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2003-02-19 23:55 (link)
Of course, since voting looks like it'll end tomorrow night with one nay and a fistfull of abstentions, it'd be a moot point this time around.

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