Larry "America's Most Ineligible Bachelor" Gilbert ([info]l2g) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2003-01-03 21:07:00
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Shall we get the ball rolling again?

I would not be surprised if many of you have forgotten that this community was still around. :-)

Well, I've got a bug in my ear to get the ball rolling again. To that end, I've set up a couple of pages on my PhpWiki that we can use to keep track of info that's too cumbersome to keep updated on LiveJournal (for instance, the rules!). This is the "top" page.

You'll see that I put up a copy of Peter Suber's initial rule set. As discussed before, I don't want to use this as-is. I do, however, want to stay as close as we can to that rule set, closing enough loopholes to be playable but keeping things open enough to be interesting.

I think the first thing we should do is confirm who all wants to play the game. If there's no objection, I'd like to see everyone who wants to play respond to this post within one week; everyone who does so within that time frame will be considered a player. (I still have this community on open membership, so feel free to invite a friend.)

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2003-01-03 21:45 (link)
i am not a bug. and i'm obviously still up for the game :)

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2003-01-04 00:28 (link)

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2003-01-04 12:00 (link)
Hi, I'm up for it.

I suppose it goes without saying that we need something in place to prevent the game from being blocked by people who don't respond or go AWOL after a while.

Sorry that's a bit negative but necessary, I guess.

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2003-01-04 13:24 (link)
Yes, this is a topic that has been discussed in the past, but may need further discussion.

One thing I think we will need is a time limit on votes, perhaps a week. We also need a mechanism for continuing play if a player does not act in a timely fashion.

I think there's also been an alternate suggestion that we replace the turn-based mode of play entirely. But perhaps that's something that can be hammered out during the course of the game itself.

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2003-01-06 13:36 (link)
Woo! I haven't played nomic for about 4 years. I'd love to join in!

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2003-01-06 15:04 (link)
Cool, that makes 5 of us so far.

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2003-01-12 13:34 (link)
Count me in as an interested party. My last attempt to start a nomic foundered due to scheduling conflicts, and I haven't had the time/energy/drive to write the web back end for the other nomic I want to do.

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