aquatwo ([info]aquatwo) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2002-06-06 17:28:00
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i own it.

if anyone wants to host it for me until i get my own box up we could use it for the game... (well, stuff not on lj)

official player lists
rule set
secure anonymous voting at some point?

a friend and former co-worker of mine who happens to be in 2 other nomic games i'm playing has prepared a simplistic set of xml templates and stylesheets we could use as well...

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2002-06-06 18:43 (link)
I already run on my system, I'll run too...

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2002-06-07 05:16 (link)
Oh, bah, you can't even put up a server on port 80.

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2002-06-07 08:48 (link)
who me? my IP addresses are currently not static. i am supposed to have 2 static IPs but my cable company keeps screwing things up and changing my IP or else my cable mdoem goes down. something is wrong with their provisioning...

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2002-06-07 09:01 (link)
Actually, I was talking about taral; his provider blocks port 80.

I don't care for hosting stuff on residential cable modems because the upstream is generally so limited. I'd use my employer but I'm not sure how that would go over.

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2002-06-07 18:53 (link)
i don't think we're high enough bandwidth for the upstream to really matter, lol.

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2002-06-07 10:07 (link)
Yes I can! And it works! Try (not much to see).

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