Larry "America's Most Ineligible Bachelor" Gilbert ([info]l2g) wrote in [info]nomic,
@ 2001-06-11 22:35:00
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Roll call

I think we've put this off for long enough, eh? The one other player we were expecting hasn't shown yet. If we decide to let him in later, we'll just have to add a rule to enable that. :-)

I've updated the initial rules to include the pre-game amendment I suggested earlier. I've also put a copy of it up to use as the current rules, which of course will be updated continually as the game goes on.

If everyone could respond to this so I know you're keeping tabs on the game, we'll get this show on the road! (You might want to use the "monitor community" feature so new developments show up on your friends list.)

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2001-06-14 16:50 (link)

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2001-06-14 22:55 (link)
Let's get this gig on the road!

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2001-06-15 14:16 (link)
I thought that being a member would let me monitor postings.

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Re: Sorry
2001-06-17 23:04 (link)
Being a member lets you post messages to the community, but you still have to add it as a friend to make it show up in your friend list. Looks like you've got that covered.

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2001-06-18 12:54 (link)
Paging [info]digitalscreams...?

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