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Sorry, but it's the wee hours, and I'm feeling frisky. The starting Ruleset I'd really like to see would be something relatively sparse, but covering game-halting contingencies, something like...

The Ruleset

The current Ruleset is the contents of the "Current rules of the game" website linked at the bottom of the Nomic community.

At any time, all Players must abide by the Rules in the current Ruleset. A Rule is a titled section of the Ruleset.

Capitalised terms in the Ruleset (sometimes excepting the beginnings of sentences) refer to game-specific uses of such words, if there is a definition for the word present in the Ruleset.

Game Data

Game Data is defined as any information which the Ruleset implicitly or explicitly requires to be available to Players. There is a link to the current Game Data from the bottom of the Nomic community, and/or from the current Ruleset page.

Default Behaviour

Anything not prohibited by a Rule is permitted, with the exception of changing the Ruleset or Game Data, which is only permitted when the Ruleset explicitly or implicitly permits it.


In a conflict between two or more sentences in the Ruleset, the more specific takes precedence. If the conflict is still in question, the sentence in the Rule that appears first takes precedence.

Rule Ordering

Two Rules may not have the same name.

When a new Rule is added to the Ruleset, it is added at the end unless explicitly stated otherwise, and assigned a name as specified by the Proposal that creates it. If the Proposal doesn't specify a name for a new Rule, the Rule is given the same name as the Proposal. If neither of these naming mechanisms are possible, the Secretary chooses a name for the new Rule.


In the event of a mistake being made, the Player(s) responsible should do their best to correct the mistake retroactively. All activity should cease when a mistake is pointed out, until it is rectified to the best ability of those responsible. Any time that passes during this frozen state does not count for the purpose of other Rules. If the Player who made the mistake has not attempted to resolve the problem for a week, the mistaken Player becomes Inactive, and the accusing Player may opt to resolve the mistake before play continues.


Anyone taking part in the game is known as a Player. Players are distinguished by their livejournal username, also known as their Player Name.

A list of the Players and any additional Titles they hold is part of the Game Data. Players may hold more than one Title at a time.

At the beginning of a game, the starting Players and their additional Titles are selected and placed in the Game Data by the Player who will be the Janitor when the game begins.

A Player may be removed from the game at any time by declaring so to the community.

If a Player with a Title is removed from the game, their Title is given to the Player who holds whichever other Title appears earliest in the Ruleset. If there are no other Titled Players, the first willing Player takes the Title. If there are no Players willing to take the Title, the game is over.

At any time, any Player may make a Proposal that a new Player be added, even if it is not their Turn. This additional Proposal is dealt with in parallel with the normal sequence of events.

The Secretary

One Player is in charge of updating the Ruleset when it is required. This Player holds the Title of Secretary.

The Janitor

One Player is in charge of updating the Game Data when it is required. This Player holds the Title of Janitor.

The Pollster

One Player is in charge of collecting and collating Votes when it is required. This Player holds the Title of Pollster.


A Player may declare themself Inactive at any time.

When a Player is required to make any action (eg. Vote, make a Proposal, update the Ruleset), and has not acted within a week of the requirement beginning, that Player becomes Inactive.

Any Player who remains Inactive for a week may be removed from the game at the discretion of the Janitor.

If any Player with a Title becomes Inactive, their Title is reallocated as if they had been removed from the game.

Any Player not explicitly labelled Inactive by the Rules is considered Active.


A Player may, on their Turn, opt to Pass, which means none of the events associated with that Turn will occur.

Any Inactive Player automatically Passes their Turn.


Turns occur cyclically, in alphabetical order by Player Name. In a Turn, the following events occur in this order:

A Turn ends only when all required actions for that Turn (such as updates to the Ruleset and Game Data) are completed.


Proposals are made only by Players only when the Ruleset requires it. A Proposal is a suggestion modification (or a series of modifications) to the Ruleset and/or Game Data. Each Proposal must have a title.

Comments may be included in the body of Proposals, and will have no effect on the Ruleset or Game Data when the Proposal containing them passes. Such a comment is any text enclosed by curly braces - "{}".

Proposals are made by posting them as new entries to the Livejournal community. The subject of the post should be 'Proposal - ' followed by the name of the Proposal, but this is not required so long as the Proposal is easily identified as such.


Votes are made only by Players and only when the Ruleset requires it. A Vote is made by email to the Pollster, ideally with subject line 'Vote - ' followed by the name of the Proposal, but this is not required so long as the Voting intent of the email, and which Proposal it refers to, is clear. The body of the email should begin with one of the words 'FOR', 'AGAINST' or 'ABSTAIN', which will be the value of the Vote.

Only one Vote is made per Player per Proposal. If a Player submits two conflicting Votes for the same Proposal, the Pollster may choose which to accept.

Any Inactive Player automatically ABSTAINS.

Once all Players' Votes are collected by the Pollster, the Pollster posts to the community a list of all the Votes and who cast them, along with any effects the Votes are required to have, and the resulting Success or Failure of the Proposal.


If half or more of the Votes a Proposal receives are 'FOR' Votes, the Proposal Succeeds. Otherwise it Fails.
When a Proposal Succeeds or Fails, the Janitor and Secretary make any updates that may be required by the Votes, and/or the Success or Failure of the Proposal.


When a Proposal is Enacted, the Janitor updates any Game Data that the Proposal's description requires, and the Secretary updates the Ruleset in any way that the Proposal's description requires.

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