Inter Nomic Treaty Organization

A draft for the rules of the Inter Nomic Treaty Organization

Rule 1:
The Archivist is responsible for tracking InterNomic Treaties.

Rule 2:
The Archivist selects the official mailing list, and must make a public notification of any changes to it. The first Archivist will be Uri Bruck ( and the first mailing list will be

Rule 3:
A notification is public if it is sent to everyone subscribed to the mailing list.

Rule 4:
A Nomic may designate a single delegate to the InterNomic Treaty Organization. Changes to the identity or the initial announcement of a delegate must be made by public notice. If there is an ambiguity about the identity of the delegate, the Archivist should determine the correct identity by inspecting the ruleset of that Nomic and other documents relating to that Nomic. If the rules and other documents for a Nomic are not available on the Web, then that Nomic must make them available to the Archivist in order have a delegate.

Rule 5:
The Archivist is elected. When there is no Archivist, Treaties may not be made or signed. If public notice is made that there is no Archivist, and no public notice is made by the Archivist contradicting this fact for one week, then nominations begin. A person nominates emself by making public notice of this. After one week of nominations, each Nomic, through its delegate, may vote for a candidate via public notice. Two weeks after the votes begin, the person who received the most votes becomes Archivist. If there is a tie, a runoff is held between tied people as if nominations had just ended and those two were the only nominees. Note that this ay require multiple runoffs.

Rule 6:
A person proposes a Treaty by making public notice of the content of the treaty. For two weeks after it is proposed, a Treaty is preliminary. After a Treaty has been preliminary for two weeks, it becomes an official InterNomic Treaty if it has been endorsed by at least three people, one of whom must be a delegate, including the player who proposed it (who is automatically assumed to endorse it). Otherwise it is destroyed. Endorsements may only be made by public notice.

Rule 7:
When a Treaty becomes an official InterNomic Treaty, the Archivist must assign it the smallest positive integer not already assigned to a Treaty and make its content available upon request (preferably be storing it on a web page). In any occurances of the string "INT#n" in that Treaty, the "n" is replaced by the number of the Treaty.

Rule 8:
Any Nomic, through its delegate, may sign an InterNomic Treaty by making public notice of this. The signing succeeds if and only if the Nomic has met all prerequisites within the Treaty for signing it. The Archivist should track which Nomics have signed a Treaty along with the content of the Treaty. A Nomic may remove its signature from an InterNomic Treaty unless the Treaty puts restrictions on doing so, in which case the Nomic must meet those restrictions before doing so.

Rule 9 :
Although Nomics are expected to abide by an honor code, and obey the treaties they have signed, there is no general enforcement method in existance. Treaties should include enforcement when it is neccessary.