IgNomic - Current Propositions

This is a list of all propositions that are currently being voted for in IgNomic.

Proposition 73: Free Speech (rights)
  1. Every player has the right to express his or her opinion on any post to the IgNomic list.
  2. A player may express this right through posts on the IgNomic list, or any other media available to that player.
  3. A player may not express this right through a media unavailable to that player unless procedures specified in the definition of that media are met.

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 13:11:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Nigel Gregoire

Proposition 74: Judgement on Rule 25
  1. The words "Per week" imply that this rule's sub-paragraphs shall only be applied once to any given player on any given week. Ergo, if a player casts two votes, he will only recieve one reward. Likewise, if a player makes two propositions and both pass, he will only recieve one reward.
  2. A player may be eligible for both paragraph 1.1 and 1.2 on the same week, however. Also, a player who makes a proposition that passes unanimously is eligible for both sub-paragraph 1.2's reward and sub-paragraph 1.3's.
  3. For further clarification, I also Judge that "per week" implies that this rule is applied at the beginning of each IgNomic week, immediately after votes are tallied, and that it rewards the votes cast in the previous week and the propositions that pass as a result of that vote. This is not implied by the present-tense wording of the rule, and Rule 9: Nitpicking does not accord errors of grammar the benefit of the doubt, but I've chosen this interpretation on grounds of convenience and general sanity.

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:34:03 -0700
From: Bryan Derksen (Honky Honk)

Proposition 75: Bill of Words (rules)
Part A:

  1. There shall be a Bill of Words.
  2. The purpose shall be to have a place for the varied vocabulary of IgNomic to be explained in unambigious terms.

Part B: Rule 20 shall be amended to read as follows:

Rule 20: The Honky Honk (Offices, Salaries)

  1. There exists an office known as the Honky Honk, to be held by one player at a time as described by the rules governing offices.
  2. Duties of the Honky Honk:
    1. The Honky Honk shall be called upon to render judgement in the following cases of rule conflict:
      1. when a previous Ruling is called into review or appeal by a player.
      2. when a player's action is called into question with regard to the legality of the Rules, and a general Judgement is called for, for the type of action in question.
  3. Limitations:
    1. The Honky Honk shall make no Judgement or otherwise rule (except as allowed in the capacity of a normal player) for or against a specific action by a specific player as defined by Rule 11, not even by citing real incidents by way of example. The Honky Honk shall not have the power to personally amend, repeal, erase or nullify any Rule (except as permitted during the course of voting as a player). The Honky Honk shall not render a Judgement on any Rule, or to any conflict in the Rules, for which a player has not seconded the Call for Honk as per "Calling for Honk". The Honky Honk's Judgement shall be limited exclusively to resolving conflicts only about those same Rules, in which the perceived conflict exists, for which the Call for Honk was made.
  4. Calling for Honk:
    1. Any player other than the Honky Honk may call upon the Honky Honk to render a Judgement when any perceived case of rule conflict or ambiguity arises. Once a Call for Honk has been made, any other player (except the Honky Honk) may second the Call for Honk. Once the Call for Honk has been seconded, the Honky Honk must prepare a Judgement in the approved form and present it, as soon as possible, in the same manner prescribed for Proposals (although labeled as a Judgement).
  5. The Effect of Judgement:
    1. The Judgement of the Honky-Honk shall take effect immediately, although only provisionally; the Judgement is subject to the approval of the IgNomic populace during the following game week, when it is voted upon in accordance with current rules on voting for propositions. Upon passage, the Judgement becomes a Ruling as per current rules on enactment of Rules, and is added to the Rules in the approved manner.
  6. Previous Rulings
    1. The Honky Honk shall give appropriate weight to previous Rulings with similar conflicts as is deemed appropriate, and consider previous legal precedent in preparing all Judgements.
  7. Other duties
    1. The job of maintaining the Bill of Words shall be part of the Honky Honk's duties, since that office is there to clarify, eh?
  8. Salary and Pension
    1. A player holding the office of Honky Honk shall be entitled to a salary of G27. A player holding the office of Honky Honk for more than eight consecutive weeks shall be entitled to a pension of G5 upon leaving the office.
  9. Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:15:27 -0800 (PST)
    From: Nigel Gregoire