[Nomic02] [P] non-introspective robot

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 12:28:12 +0100

Adam Biltcliffe wrote:
> A proposal for one rule revocation and a new rule:
> Non-Introspective Robot [jwalrus]

Aye, but a counter-proposal, for one rule removal and one new rule:

Automated Automaton [Psmith]

Remove Rule 156.

  The active player may, during his or her turn, take at most two of
  the following actions (either two different or the same action
  * Cause the kitten to move to a room randomly selected from the list
    of rooms connected to the kitten's location. 
  * Optionally move the robot, and cause the robot to examine an entity
    randomly selected from the list of entities which are not the robot
    and whose locations are equal to the robot's (possibly new) location.
    If the examination is not completed, no movement will occur.

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