[Nomic02] Proposal: Puissance

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:26:36 +0000

A proposal for the removal of one rule and the addition of two new rules.

  That Most High, Mighty, and Puissant Prince [Psmith]

  Remove Rule 126.

  Each player shall have a tally associated with him or her, called their
  Puissance. This tally will initially be 1 for every player, and its
  value is considered part of the state of the game.

  Although multiple players may have the same Dark Gift, no player may
  have the same Dark Gift more than once, or more different Dark Gifts
  than the value of their Puissance tally. Any Dark Gifts a player may
  acquire beyond this limit are immediately lost; and if their Puissance
  tally decreases to below the number they currently have, they
  immediately lose enough Dark Gifts to bring them back into compliance
  with this rule, chosen upwards from the end of the list in Standard
  Order of the Dark Gifts that player possessed. A player may also
  voluntarily abandon any Dark Gift they currently possess as an action.

There is currently (deliberately) no mechanism to increase Puissance;
I have a few ideas, but I'll let this proposal undergo comment first.

(Note that changing a gift by metamorphosis would now require
explicitly abandoning the old gift. This shouldn't be too much of a
problem, I don't think?)

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