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Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:12:51 -0000

--On 27 March 2003 7:03 am -0500 Admiral Jota <jota@shelltown.net> wrote:

> Hi. Looks like it's my turn. So I'll cause the monkey to steal the golden
> corknut from jwalrus, and (if that's valid), I'll further move the monkey
> from Saturn to Central Park.

Sorry, but I don't believe it is valid. Under Rule 65, nothing can be 
stolen from me while the Baron is watching my back, and Rule 85 (which 
allows the monkey to steal things) specifically allows the monkey to steal 
things while in a high-security area but says nothing about servants, so I 
assume 65 still applies.

This means that the monkey can't steal the golden corknut from me. Since 
the rest of the orders in your email were conditional on that succeeding, 
none of them have happened, and it's still your turn (for another two and a 
half hours, until 1:39am on the 28th).