[Nomic02] Ratification: Telekinetic time bombers

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:51:28 +0000

The following proposals have been agreed unanimously (explicitly by
jwalrus, baf, and Jota, implicitly by Roger and by me), and will come
into effect (removing one token and one rule, and adding one Dark Gift
and Rules 132 and 133) in one hour from the timestamp of this message.

  On The Grounds of Taste [Psmith]

  Remove Rule 73.
  Remove the IRAQ BOMB.

  Telekinesis [Psmith]

  TELEKINESIS: A player with Telekinesis may, as an action, use it to
  pick up a token whose location is connected to his or her own
  location, or to drop a token he or she is carrying in a location
  connected to his or her location. A player may not use Telekinesis if
  he or she has previously picked up or dropped a token in that turn,
  nor drop or pick up a token for the rest of the turn after using

  Anarcho-Capitalist Pieman [Psmith]

  A. If the active player's location is the same as the location of
  the pieman, the player may, as an action, elect to 'buy a
  bomb'. When this occurs, the player's brownie points tally shall
  decrease by ten points and a new time bomb token shall be created
  with the name "a bomb", location equal to the active player, and
  delay equal to a specified number of days between 1 and 7 (if no
  number is specified, this defaults to 1). The pieman's location
  shall then change to a room chosen by random selection by the active
  player from the set of rooms which are connected to the pieman's
  current location but not equal to it; the bomb is not deemed to have
  been bought until this is done.

  B. Immediately after a bomb has been bought from the pieman, the
  active player may choose to rename that bomb to any string beginning
  with "a " or "an " and ending with " bomb", other than "a pie bomb".
  If the active player does not rename a bomb before his or her turn
  ends, he or she forfeits the right to do so.

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