[Nomic02] The state of the game

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 11:26:51 +0000

Since baf's not been able to update the website for a while, and I was
starting to get a little lost, the current state of the game as I
understand it. Please let me know of any mistakes. (I have questions
about jwalrus' status, which I'll bring up in a later post.)


Name             Location                 Brownie points  Demerits
Adam Biltcliffe  Saturn                    32             0
Roger Carbol     The House of Commons      26             1
Admiral Jota     Brigadoon                114             0
Carl Muckenhoupt the Servants' Quarters    41             1
Dylan O'Donnell  The                       74             0

Passive Voters: Roger Carbol, Carl Muckenhoupt
Passive Turn-Takers: Carl Muckenhoupt
Asleep at the switch: Carl Muckenhoupt

Rules: as http://wurb.com/nomic/02/rules with the following additions:

Rule 118: The pie bomb is not a time bomb; it is a booby
trap. Whenever any player, servant or monkey enters the location of
the pie bomb as the result of an action, the player who took that
action must roll one six-sided die in order to complete the action. If
the die rolls a six, the pie bomb kersplats and then ceases to exist.

Rule 119: Whenever the pie bomb kersplats, the player whose action was
responsible for it must roll a two-sided die for each player, servant
or monkey whose location is that of the pie bomb, or whose location is
connected to that of the pie bomb, excluding those players, servants,
or monkeys not carrying any tokens at the time. Any player, servant,
or monkey whose associated die-roll is even shall immediately drop all
tokens he/she/it is carrying. If the acting player does not roll all
required two-sided dice, then a) the player's action will not have
taken place, b) the pie bomb will not have kersplatted, and c) the
player will be given one demerit.

Rule 120: If at any time no pie bomb exists, the active player may
create one as an action, with value 7, and initial location and
initial destination each being chosen by that player by random
selection from all rooms on the map.

Rule 121: If any damage tally is greater than 0, the active player may
as an action decrement the tally by one and designate a letter
position in the name of the room that tally is associated with, and a
letter of the alphabet; connectivity for that room shall henceforth be
calculated as if that letter were at that position rather than the
actual letter. Use of this action causes the active player's brownie
point tally to be decremented by two.

Rule 122: At any point in time, one room will be considered "Savage
Wilderness".  The room on the map with the smallest value of its
visits tally, not considering Mornington Crescent, will be the Savage
Wilderness. If multiple rooms are tied for this, the Savage Wilderness
will be the one of these that comes first in standard order.

Rule 123: If at any time the destination of the Explorer's Compass is
not the same as the Savage Wilderness, its destination will be set to
whatever room is currently the Savage Wilderness.

Rule 124: The state of the game will contain a list of Dark
Gifts. Dark Gifts are special powers that may be attached to players,
and each Dark Gift must have a name and a description of its
effects. No player has any Dark Gifts initially. When a Dark Gift
conflicts with the rules, the Dark Gift takes priority.

Rule 125: If the active player has not performed any actions on the
current turn, he/she may obtain a Dark Gift by
"metamorphosing". Metamorphosing is an action, and must involve
posting a clear statement of which Dark Gift is being obtained. Once
the active player has stated intent to metamorphose, he/she may take
no other voluntary turn-dependent actions for the remainder of the
current turn, except to end that turn.

Rule 126: Although multiple players have have the same Dark Gift, no
player may have more than one Dark Gift. A player who metamorphoses
automatically abandons any Dark Gift they already have. A player may
also voluntarily abandon their current Dark Gift as an action.

Rule 127: Dark Gifts may be added, changed, or removed by unanimous
agreement.  When a Dark Gift is removed, any player who currently has
that gift will automatically lose it.

The map:

Room                               Damage  Visits
the Lounge                           0       2
Mornington Crescent                  0       0
West of House                        0       0
Attic                                0       1
Under the High Wall (on a resting)   0       2
Washington, DC                       0       2
Central Park                         0       2
The House of Commons                 0       2
Saturn                               0       2
Blasted Heath                        0       2
The North Pole                       0       2
West of Nowhere                      0       1
the Servants' Quarters               0       1
The                                  0       2
Zrblm                                1       1
Iraq (Nra)                          11       1
Embedded CPU                         0       2
Brigadoon                            0       1
(Special properties as at http://wurb.com/nomic/02/map , with the
addition that West of House is the current Savage Wilderness.)


Name                   Location        Special properties
golden corknut         Dylan O'Donnell value 27, destination Saturn
*ROYAL HONEY*          The             value 10, destination House of Commons
Scarlet Emerald        Dylan O'Donnell value 16, destination UTHW(oar)
Bus Driver's Lunchbox  Central Park    value 0, destination Brigadoon
uplink                 Admiral Jota    Power supply charge level: 9
Bottle Imp             Adam Biltcliffe
personal teleporter    Gideon Crawle   burned out
IRAQ BOMB              Dylan O'Donnell Time bomb, 24 hour delay.
pie bomb               Saturn          value 7, destination Brigadoon
Explorer's Compass     Lounge          value 7, destination West of House
cherry pie             Gideon Crawle

Table of Synonyms: as http://wurb.com/nomic/02/synonyms


Player           Servant                            Servant's location
Adam Biltcliffe  Baron Greenback (Toad (bufo bufo)) Under the High Wall (oar)
Roger Carbol     Hugo (Betta splendens)             the Servants' Quarters
Admiral Jota     Grunk (orc)                        Washington DC
Carl Muckenhoupt Banford (Brassica oleracea)        the Servants' Quarters
Dylan O'Donnell  Gideon Crawle (steward)            Brigadoon

Dark Gifts:

BAT-WINGED MONKEY MINIONS: A player with Bat-Winged Monkey Minions may, as 
an action, dispatch them against another player at the cost of five brownie 
points. To do this, the active player nominates one action which the target 
player might otherwise have taken on their next turn; for their next turn 
only, the target player is prevented from taking that action.


The pieman is Under the High Wall (on a resting)
The magic omnibus is in Brigadoon.
The active player is Adam Biltcliffe.
The current time is as the timestamp of this post.

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