[Nomic02] [P] Were you waiting for *me*? [Jota]

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:23:33 -0500 (EST)

A proposal for three rules:

Were you waiting for *me*? [Jota]

I. As a part of the state of the game there will exist a list of players,
   initially empty, called the "Passive Turn-Takers". Any player may cause
   themselves to be added to or removed from the Passive Turn-Takers list
   by posting clear intent to do so.

II. If a player on the Passive Turn-Takers list ends their turn by
    time-out without having taken any voluntary action on that turn, that
    player will be said to be "asleep at the switch". The turns of any
    player who is asleep at the switch will time out after six hours
    instead of twenty-four.

III. If a player who is asleep at the switch either takes a voluntary
     action on their turn or expresses to the list that they do not intend
     to be asleep at the switch at that time, they will no longer be
     considered so at that point, and may not be considered to be so again
     until the end of their following turn.

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