[Nomic02] [R] Tokens, tax havens, She's Gone II

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 17:09:49 -0000

The following proposals have been ratified by all players: Tokens: First 
Wave [jwalrus] has been ratified by myself and Roger implicitly and all 
other players explicitly, the other two have been approved by Jota and 
Psmith explicitly and by me (proponent), Roger (passive) and baf (timeout) 

Tax Havens [jwalrus]
"Any room on the map may have the property of being designated a 'tax 
haven'; whether or not a room is a tax haven shall be considered a detail 
of the map as per Rule 20. No toll may be attached to a room which is a tax 
haven; any toll whose location is a tax haven shall cease to exist 
The rooms Saturn and Blasted Heath shall become tax havens.

She's Gone II [jwalrus]:
"If at any time the rules require the location of something to be changed 
to a room which no longer exists, the room whose name is alphabetically 
first in the list of rooms, not counting articles, shall be the new 
location instead. Rooms whose names consist solely of articles shall not be 
considered for this reckoning."

Tokens: First Wave [jwalrus]
Create the following tokens:
 - Prize token "*ROYAL HONEY*", location the North Pole, destination West 
Of Nowhere, value 10
 - Prize token "scarlet emerald", location Mornington Crescent, destination 
Under the High Wall (on a resting), value 16
 - Token "mind-control satellie uplink", location Attic

The following changes shall take effect one hour from the timestamp of this 

The rules in She's Gone II and the first part of Tax Havens shall come into 
effect as (I believe) Rules 68 and 69.

The rooms Saturn and Blasted Heath shall become tax havens.

The tokens described in Tokens: First Wave shall come into existence.