[Nomic02] Proposal: Delivery Is Not Free

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:09:21 +0000

amgb2@cam.ac.uk wrote:
> >Delivery Is Not Free [Jota]
> >
> >I. Some tokens may be designated "prize tokens". A prize token,
> >in addition to its name and location, also has a value (a non-
> >negative integer) and a destination (a room on the map) [...]
> I'm in favour of this in principle, but I'm a little wary of the phrase 
> "some tokens may be designated prize tokens". I'm assuming that the intent 
> is that a token's 'prize' status may be modified under the provisions of 
> Rule 54, but another possible reading is that designating a token a prize 
> token is an action which may be taken by unspecified individuals at an 
> unspecified time.

Under Active Voice II, since this proposal doesn't use the term
"action" or "voluntary", it's clear enough that this isn't meant to be
an individual action. Vote for Active Voice II today!

> If everyone is of the opinion that this rule is 
> sufficiently clear, I'll vote in favour of this proposal.

I vote aye on this proposal.

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