[Nomic02] Outstanding proposals

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 18:17:48 -0500 (EST)

Here's an official announcement of ratification for the following proposal
for three rules (supported by jwal, Ps, and baf explicitly, and RC and
myself implicitly):

> A Token Proposal [Jota]:
> I. The set of "tokens" will be a part of the game state. A token must have
>    a name and a location. That location may be any room, player, or
>    servant. Tokens may be added, removed, or modified by unanimous
>    agreement.
> II. "Carrying" a token will be defined as being that token's location. To
>     "drop" a token one is carrying will be defined as setting its location
>     equal to one's own location. To "pick up" a token whose location is
>     the same as one's own is to set the token's location equal to oneself.
> III. At any point during a turn, the active player may choose to pick up
>      any appropiate token, drop any carried token, or cause his or her
>      servant to perform either of those actions by posting clear intent to
>      do so. These actions may be taken as many times as desired, in
>      whatever order desired, to the same or different tokens as desired,
>      provided the action is not prohibited by any other rule or rules.

They'll go into effect as Rules 54-57, respectively, one hour from this

BTW, a minor nitpick: Rule 43 only has one part. The Part II listed on the
website was technically just a map change that was in the same proposal.

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