[Nomic02] Slowing things down

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:24:26 -0000

> Slow Up [Jota]
>   No player may propose changes to the rules or to the details of
>   the map while two other proposals by the same player for such
>   changes are still under consideration (i.e. neither dead nor
>   officially ratified).

This feels less restrictive than baf's proposal, but I think I'll wait for 
a day or so and see if things slow down naturally. For what it's worth, I 
currently have six outstanding proposals, although some of them are ready 
to be ratified. I'm currently waiting to announce them until baf makes a 
decision on "Magic Omnibus II [jwalrus]" so that I can announce them all at 
once for the sake of simplicity.