[Nomic02] She's Gone II [jwalrus]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:10:42 -0000

> I'm declaring The's Gone to be dead, and replacing it with
> The's Gone II [Carl Muckenhoupt]
> a single proposal for a two-rule package
> If at any time the rules require the location of something to be
> a room which no longer exists, its location will instead be
> The.
> If The ceases to exist, it will immediately be automatically
> recreated on the map.
> (Note additional not-completely-obvious change: "be changed
> to" -> "be".  This covers situations such as new players joining
> after the lounge is destroyed.)

True, but it's no longer clear from the wording of this rule that it would 
defer to the Storage, Indentured and Emergency Escape Capsule proposals; 
the previous version would have been fine as the location is only required 
to be changed to the storage rooms, whereas with this version the extant 
gamestate requires the location to be the room being destroyed, while the 
other rules, require it to be changed; it's not clear which rule takes