[Nomic02] proposal: Public Eye [jwalrus]

Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 11:48:56 -0700

> > > Active Voice [Psmith]
> > >=20
> > >   A change to the state of the game which is described as being an
> > >   "action" or "voluntary" may be effected by the relevant player
> > >   posting intent to make that change to the list. In the=20
> absence of
> > >   other restrictions, such an action may be taken at any time.
> >=20
> > I think this is different in intention than Public Eye,
> > which was more of the form "An action MUST be effected by
> > posting to the List."
> Which I would consider too restrictive. We might want to allow scope
> for other methods of taking actions in future. (For example, by
> default at the end of your turn if you've not said you're not going to
> take that action.)

I'm not entirely sure that a default end-of-turn action is
really voluntary.  In some sense, the player, by default,
involuntarily ends up taking the action.

The whole 'If a player takes an action and no one knows about it,
does it really happen?' is, I think, a theoretical vulnerability
at worst.  Also, we could probably ding anyone who tried it with
a demerit under the Deception rule.

.. Roger

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