[Nomic02] Ratification of servants and named proposals

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 18:36:01 +0000

The following proposal has been agreed unanimously; implicitly by me
as proponent, and explicitly by Jota, jwalrus, Roger, and baf.The map
change and Rules 44 and 45 will come into effect in one hour from the
timestamp of this post.

There will be a room on the map with the name "the Servants' Quarters".

A. Each player, current and future, will have an associated servant.
   The set of these servants will be part of the state of the game.
B. Each servant is to have a location, which is a room on the map. The
   initial location of each servant is the Servants' Quarters.
C. When a player leaves the game, his or her servant will cease to exist.

A. Each servant is to have a name and a species.
B. Players are expected to specify the name and species of their servant
   either within within 72 hours from the time this rule takes effect or
   within 72 hours of when they join the game, whichever is later.
C. Players failing to give their servant a name and species in that
   time will receive one demerit. In addition, the assignment of the
   name and species of their servant will be turned over to be decided
   instead by sectional agreement of all players in the game excepting

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