[Nomic02] Proposal: The Sale of Indulgences [RC]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 18:13:57 -0000

> The Sale of Indulgences[RC]
> Any player with more than one hundred brown points and
> more than one demerit may voluntarily decrement their
> brown points by one hundred and decrement their demerits
> by one.

In general, I've been in favour of keeping the demerit system as separate 
as possible from the rest of the game, since it serves something of a 
meta-purpose within the framework of the game. However, if you think you're 
likely to get demerited and want to be able to buy it off with brownie 
points, I guess I'm not going to stop you, so aye.