[Nomic02] Christmas Proposal

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:48:19 +0000

Admiral Jota wrote:
> This is a proposal in two parts. The first is for a rule (per Rule 6); the
> second is for a change to the map (per Rule 20).
> Merry Consumerism Christmas [Jota]
> I. A room on the map may have an associated "toll", which may also be
>    referred to as a "tax". A toll has a location (its room on the map), a
>    name, and an integer value. Any time a player enters (by movement or
>    other means described in the rules) a room with an associated toll,
>    that player loses a number of brownie points equal to the value of the
>    toll, and every other player receives a number of brownie points equal
>    to one half of that value, rounded up. Tolls will be considered details
>    of the map, as per Rule 20.
> II. The North Pole will have an associated toll called the "Elf Tax", with
>     the value 10.


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