[Nomic02] proposals: Magic Omnibus / Bus Fare [jwalrus]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 00:27:36 -0000

Two new rule proposals:

Magic Omnibus [jwalrus]:
"There shall exist an entity called the Magic Omnibus which has a location 
on the map. The initial location of the Magic Omnibus shall be the House of 
Commons. Once per turn, the Magic Omnibus may be used (by the active 
player) to transport the active player or the active player's servant, if 
their location is the same as that of the Omnibus, to any other location 
(unless the Magic Omnibus is prohibited from stopping there). When this 
happens, the location of both the Omnibus and the being being transported 
is changed to the new location. The Magic Omnibus may not be used if the 
passenger has moved in the same turn and the passenger may not be moved by 
any other means in the same turn after using the Magic Omnibus."

Bus Fare [jwalrus]:
"When the Magic Omnibus is used to transport a player or servant the active 
player shall lose five brownie points. A player who has less than five 
brownie points may not use the Magic Omnibus."