[Nomic02] proposals: Phase Number / Innocent Until Proven Otherwise [jwalrus]

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 00:13:25 -0000

Two new rule proposals:

Phase Number [jwalrus]:
"There shall exist a number called the Phase Number which is part of the 
state of the game and is not attached to any game entity. The Phase Number 
shall begin at 0 and shall be incremented by 1 each time the player who is 
last in alphabetical order ends their turn and the player who is first in 
alphabetical order becomes the active player. Players are encouraged to 
mention the current value of the Phase Number when taking actions which may 
only be made by the active player or when ending their turn."
(Commentary: Hopefully this should make it quicker for us to work out whose 
turn it is, since the last player to act will always be the 
alphabetically-last player to have acted during the current Phase.)

Innocent Until Proven Otherwise [jwalrus]:
"The initial value of each player's demerits tally shall be 0."
(Commentary: I just realised this has never been explicitly mentioned and 
probably should be made official, since I believe as of the passing of Rule 
28 we all now possess an indeterminate number of demerits.)