[Nomic02] Servants

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:07:17 -0000

--On 16 January 2003 9:14 pm -0500 Admiral Jota <jota@shelltown.net> wrote:

> This is a single proposal, made up of three parts. The first part regards
> an addition to the map. The second and third parts describe two new rules.
> For further clarity, those rules are broken down further, but each is
> still only a single rule.
> I. There will be a room on the map with the name "the Servants' Quarters".
> II. Servants: Creation and Destruction
>  A. Each player, current and future, will have an associated servant.
>  B. Each servant is to have a location, which is a room on the map. The
>     initial location of each servant is the Servants' Quarters.
>  C. When a player leaves the game, his or her servant will cease to exist.
> III. Servants: Names and Species
>  A. Each servant is to have a name and a species.
>  B. Players are expected to specify the name and species of their servant
>     either within within 72 hours from the time this rule takes effect or
>     within 72 hours of when they join the game, whichever is later.
>  C. Players failing to give their servant a name and species in that time
>     will receive one demerit. In addition, the assignment of the name and
>     species of their servant will be turned over to be decided instead by
>     sectional agreement of all players in the game excepting themselves.
> Again, note that the above (one map change, two rules) is one proposal.
> Also note that this does not specify any mechanism for servants' locations
> being changed, and that any rule describing what happens when a player
> enters a location still only refers to players, not servants.

Vote nay and declare this proposal dead, as per your request.