[Nomic02] Servants

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 21:14:25 -0500 (EST)

This is a single proposal, made up of three parts. The first part regards
an addition to the map. The second and third parts describe two new rules.
For further clarity, those rules are broken down further, but each is
still only a single rule.

I. There will be a room on the map with the name "the Servants' Quarters".

II. Servants: Creation and Destruction
 A. Each player, current and future, will have an associated servant.
 B. Each servant is to have a location, which is a room on the map. The
    initial location of each servant is the Servants' Quarters.
 C. When a player leaves the game, his or her servant will cease to exist.

III. Servants: Names and Species
 A. Each servant is to have a name and a species.
 B. Players are expected to specify the name and species of their servant
    either within within 72 hours from the time this rule takes effect or
    within 72 hours of when they join the game, whichever is later.
 C. Players failing to give their servant a name and species in that time
    will receive one demerit. In addition, the assignment of the name and
    species of their servant will be turned over to be decided instead by
    sectional agreement of all players in the game excepting themselves.

Again, note that the above (one map change, two rules) is one proposal.
Also note that this does not specify any mechanism for servants' locations
being changed, and that any rule describing what happens when a player
enters a location still only refers to players, not servants.

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