[Nomic02] Room Suggestions

Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:11:24 -0700

> At the moment the rules don't define demerits or brownie=20
> points at all. If=20
> my latest proposal is passed, demerits and brownie points=20
> will be defined=20
> in terms of a tally attached to each player, which makes it entirely=20
> meaningful for players to have them and entirely impossible=20
> for rooms to=20
> contain them.

There's no reason to think that players and rooms are
mutually exclusive categories.

Formal Call for Consensus:

The room "Mornington Crescent", pursuant to Rule 12,
shall become a player.

Formal Call for Consensus 2:

That a room called "Roger Carbol" be added to the map.

.. Roger

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