[Nomic02] Room Suggestions

Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:53:28 -0700

>> 2)  There exists a room which is connected to
>> every other room and every possible room.
> Nay; this would make it possible to travel from any room to=20
> any other room=20
> in two moves and render the whole issue of connectivity more or less=20
> pointless. Although I'm tempted by the idea of creating some kind of=20
> transporter room which can be teleported to or from with some kind of=20
> attached expense.

Yes, I suppose there is that.  Maybe the
omni-connectional room should be non-enterable
by players.  But then it gets even MORE pointless
than usual, even by my standards.

>> 3)  There exists a room called "The Bank" which
>> contains 10 brownie points.
> Nay; I don't think it's meaningful at this point for a room=20
> to contain brownie points

I think it's as meaningful as players containing brownie
points, which may or may not be very much.

>> 4)  There exists a room called "Iraq" which
>> contains three demerits.
> Again, I have to vote nay on this on the grounds that=20
> according to the=20
> rules, a room can't contain demerits.

I wouldn't say the rules say that.

>> 5)  There exists a room called "The".
> Aye. This would be the room which is not and cannot be=20
> connected to any=20
> other room?

I think so, but I'm not entirely sure.

.. Roger ..

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