[Nomic02] demerit proposal

Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:15:18 -0700

>> A player *can't* perform an action forbidden by the rules.  If
>> the player tries, it just fails to happen.
>> If you allow players to break, say, Rule 8, and only get one
>> fat demerit for it, the game will immediately degenerate, I think.
> That may work for performing illegal actions, but what about=20
> failing to perform required actions?

I think the two are interchangeable from a logical standpoint,
but for some rules it would be torturous.

My recommendation would be to either avoid rules that required
actions, or to specify the penalty within the rule itself.

If we had a hypothetical rule such as

"Rule X: Each player must submit a proposal to The List at
least once every 72 hours."

It's my opinion that we'd still need another rule or part of
a rule to describe what happens if this fails to occur, even
if the demerit-handing-out rule was in effect.
But I'd rather avoid this sort of rule altogether.

.. Roger ..

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