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Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:51:41 -0700

> "Each rule has a number.  Rule numbers start with 1, and each=20
> new rule has=20
> a number 1 greater than the previously enacted rule."
> (Accepted by baf, jwalrus, Jota)


> "Rules may not be changed or removed.  The only change to the=20
> rule set=20
> permissable is the addition of new rules."
> (Accepted by baf)

I'm not sure this does anything.  I think under this proposal,
a rule such as "Rule X:  Rule Y is not a part of the game" is
still legal.


> "No rule may require any effect on anything that is not part=20
> of the game,=20
> except by making it part of the game."
> (Accepted by jwalrus)

I think we're still a bit shaky for this at this point.  I'd
be surprised to say any of the sort of abuses that this rule
might prevent.


> "Any player may post a proposal for a change which requires=20
> the unanimous=20
> agreement of all players. All other players may vote "aye" or=20
> "nay" in=20
> response to the proposal by posting this vote to the list.=20
> Any player may=20
> change his or her vote on a proposal until such time as the voting is=20
> complete. The proposer is assumed to cast an initial "aye"=20
> (but may change=20
> it, like any other vote). Any player who hasn't voted on a particular=20
> proposal within the first 72 hours is assumed to have voted=20
> "aye", but may=20
> change that vote up until the proposal is officially ratified=20
> or removed=20
> from consideration. If at any point any player has voted against a=20
> particular proposal, then any other player (including other=20
> "nay" voters)=20
> may declare it to be dead, and removed from consideration. If=20
> at any point=20
> all players have voted in favour of a particular proposal=20
> (either by voting=20
> "aye" or failing to vote within the alloted 72 hours), the original=20
> proposer may declare it to be ratified by posting a message=20
> containing the=20
> text of the proposal, a summary of the votes on it, and the=20
> time it will=20
> come into effect: the issue under consideration is considered=20
> to have been=20
> unanimously agreed by all players after a period of one hour=20
> from the time=20
> of this posting has elapsed."
> (Accepted by baf, jwalrus, Jota)

I'm not terribly happy with this; I'd rather see another
voting state of 'abstain' and have everyone default to it.
But it looks like a good start.


> "Players may be added to the game by unanimous consent."
> (Accepted by jwalrus)


> "Whenever a player performs an action that is forbidden by a=20
> rule other=20
> than Rule 4, or fails to perform an action that is required=20
> by a rule other=20
> than Rule 4, a "demerit" may be assigned to that player by unanimous=20
> agreement. The player being demerited may not veto the issuing of the=20
> demerit. Demerits are part of the state of the game."
> (Accepted by jwalrus, Jota)

This is a consistent sticking point in nomics, so here's my view:

A player *can't* perform an action forbidden by the rules.  If
the player tries, it just fails to happen.

If you allow players to break, say, Rule 8, and only get one
fat demerit for it, the game will immediately degenerate, I think.

Such is my opinion, anyway.


> "Any player with three demerits will automatically be removed=20
> entirely from=20
> the state of the game."
> (Accepted by baf, jwalrus, Jota)

I'm still voting against the rule-breaking proposal, but this
seems fine enough.


> "Demerits may not be assigned for violations of rules that=20
> were not part of=20
> the state of the game when the violation occurred."
> (Accepted by baf, jwalrus, Jota)

I'm still not happy with the idea that the rules CAN be
violated, so I can't support this.


> "The mailing list at nomic02@wurb.com will be considered a=20
> part of the=20
> game, and will be refered to as The List. To "post" something=20
> is to send it=20
> to the list. Any player who does not post for a week (that=20
> is, a seven-day=20
> period of non-posting following their latest post, counted=20
> from the time of=20
> day the last post was made) will incur one demerit. Further week-long=20
> delays, counted from the latest invocation of this rule, will=20
> each incur=20
> one additional demerit."
> (Accepted by jwalrus, Jota)

I'll support this.  Although, technically, the concept of
"time passing in the world outside the game" isn't
well-defined within the game.


> "Any player may leave the game at any time by posting=20
> intention to do so."
> (Accepted by jwalrus)


> "Unless specified otherwise, when a player leaves the game,=20
> portions of the=20
> game state specifically associated to that player and no=20
> other player cease=20
> to exist. Portions of the game state associated with both=20
> that player and=20
> other player(s) will revert to only the other player(s) with=20
> which they are=20
> associated."
> (Accepted by jwalrus)

I don't think this is required, but I'll go along with it.


> "It is possible for players to win or lose by means to be=20
> described in the=20
> rules.  A player who loses will be removed entirely from the=20
> state of the=20
> game, and may not rejoin.  If a player wins, the game will=20
> immediately end=20
> and all players who have not won will lose."
> (Accepted by baf, jwalrus)

The concept of 'rejoining' is probably meaningless given
the other proposal about removing all the gamestate about
a player who leaves.  But I don't like that part anyway, so
I'm happy with it.


> "The game contains a map, consisting of rooms, one of which=20
> is called "the=20
> Lounge". All players have a location on the map which is=20
> initially the=20
> Lounge. The map and any information about the location of=20
> anything on it=20
> shall be considered part of the state of the game."
> (Accepted by jwalrus, Jota)

Yeah, this sort of thing can be fun.


.. Roger ..

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