[Nomic02] [P] PIIIIIIIE!

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:58:14 -0500 (EST)

The following has been voted on by all users, in one form or another. Only
Psmith gave an explicit aye. All others were implicit. It goes into effect
as a new token and as three new rules in one hour.

> PIE! PIE! PIE! [Jota]
> Token Creation:
>   There will exist a token on the map with the name "pie bomb". The
>   initial location of the pie bomb is Saturn. The pie bomb is a prize
>   token whose value is 7 and whose initial destination is Brigadoon.
> Three Rules:
>   The pie bomb is not a time bomb; it is a booby trap. Whenever any
>   player, servant or monkey enters the location of the pie bomb as the
>   result of an action, the player who took that action must roll one
>   six-sided die in order to complete the action. If the die rolls a six,
>   the pie bomb kersplats and then ceases to exist.
>   Whenever the pie bomb kersplats, the player whose action was responsible
>   for it must roll a two-sided die for each player, servant or monkey
>   whose location is that of the pie bomb, or whose location is connected
>   to that of the pie bomb, excluding those players, servants, or monkeys
>   not carrying any tokens at the time. Any player, servant, or monkey
>   whose associated die-roll is even shall immediately drop all tokens
>   he/she/it is carrying. If the acting player does not roll all required
>   two-sided dice, then a) the player's action will not have taken place,
>   b) the pie bomb will not have kersplatted, and c) the player will be
>   given one demerit.
>   If at any time no pie bomb exists, the active player may create one as
>   an action, with value 7, and initial location and initial destination
>   each being chosen by that player by random selection from all rooms on
>   the map.

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