[Nomic02] [R] new rules + [P] ones I missed

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 23:42:03 -0000

The following two proposals have been explicitly ratified by all players 
(passively by Roger, actively by everyone else) and will come into effect 
one hour from now:

Yet Another Loophole [jwalrus]
I. Remove Rule 59.
II. Enact the following: "After a player has been awarded brownie points 
for a prize token being dropped in its destination room, that player is 
prohibited from taking any action which would cause that token to come into 
the possession of that player or that player's servant until after the 
token has been picked up by at least one other player or servant."

Nearly Free Trade [jwalrus]
"Any player may post an intention to donate a given number of brownie 
points to a specified other player. The other player may accept the 
donation by posting intent to do so, at which point the donor's brownie 
points shall immediately decrease by that number and the recipient's 
brownie points shall immediately increase by the same number. A player may 
retract any donation which has not yet been accepted by the other player by 
posting intent to do so."

When this proposal comes into effect the above changes to the rules shall 
take place; no other changes to the gamestate shall occur.

The following three proposals have all lapsed due to lack of ratification, 
because I've been busy and kept forgetting to post ratifications:

Simple Simon Met A Pieman [jwalrus]
Pieman, May I Taste Your Wares Again? [jwalrus]
Pie In The Face [jwalrus]

Since the overall opinion seemed to be in favour of them I'll repropose all 
three below; the text of the proposals has not been changed.

Simple Simon Met Another Pieman [jwalrus]
The game shall contain a pieman who has a location on the map. The initial 
location of the pieman shall be Central Park.

Pieman, May I Taste Your Wares Yet Again? [jwalrus]
If the active player's servant's location is the same as the location of 
the pieman, the player may, as an action, elect to have his servant 'buy a 
pie'. When this occurs, the player's brownie points tally shall decrease by 
twenty points and a new token shall be created with the name "a pie" and 
location equal to the active player's servant. The pieman's location shall 
then change to a room chosen by random selection by the active player from 
the set of rooms which are connected to the pieman's current location but 
not equal to it; the pie is not deemed to have been bought until this is 

A Second Pie In The Face [jwalrus]
As an action, the active player may have their servant throw a pie at any 
player, servant or the monkey. The servant may only throw a pie if their 
location has not been voluntarily changed this turn and their location may 
not be voluntarily changed after throwing a pie. The servant must be 
carrying at least one pie in order to throw it, and the pie may only be 
thrown at a target whose location is connected to but not equal to the 
throwing servant's location. To throw the pie, the active player shall roll 
one die; if the result is an even number the pie is deemed to have hit. 
Should the pie hit, the pie is removed from the game and the target of the 
pie-throw shall immediately drop all tokens they are carrying. If the pie 
does not hit, the pie's new location becomes equal to the location of the 

Apologies for slacking