[Nomic02] [P] pie fighters

Adam Biltcliffe nomic02@wurb.com
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 23:19:34 -0000

> Mmm, My Favorite Kind [Jota]


> Pieman, May I Taste Your Wares? [jwalrus]

I shall mark this dead on the basis of Psmith's objection.


Pieman, May I Taste Your Wares Again? [jwalrus]
If the active player's servant's location is the same as the location of 
the pieman, the player may, as an action, elect to have his servant 'buy a 
pie'. When this occurs, the player's brownie points tally shall decrease by 
twenty points and a new token shall be created with the name "a pie" and 
location equal to the active player's servant. The pieman's location shall 
then change to a room chosen by random selection by the active player from 
the set of rooms which are connected to the pieman's current location but 
not equal to it; the pie is not deemed to have been bought until this is 

Pie In The Face [jwalrus]
As an action, the active player may have their servant throw a pie at any 
player, servant or the monkey. The servant may only throw a pie if their 
location has not been voluntarily changed this turn and their location may 
not be voluntarily changed after throwing a pie. The servant must be 
carrying at least one pie in order to throw it, and the pie may only be 
thrown at a target whose location is connected to but not equal to the 
throwing servant's location. To throw the pie, the active player shall roll 
one die; if the result is an even number the pie is deemed to have hit. 
Should the pie hit, the pie is removed from the game and the target of the 
pie-throw shall immediately drop all tokens they are carrying. If the pie 
does not hit, the pie's new location becomes equal to the location of the