[Nomic02] Turn: more Psmith's turn

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 17:18:10 +0100

Dylan O'Donnell wrote:
> Ok. Gideon Crawle is in Mornington Crescent, and has been for all of
> this turn. Jota is in Washington, DC.  These two rooms are connected,
> and Gideon Crawle is carrying a cherry pie.  Soo...
> I have Gideon Crawle throw a cherry pie at Admiral Jota. Dieroll
> coming up.

And a 4, being even, is a hit. Yay! So:

The cherry pie is removed from the game.
Jota drops the Bus Driver's Lunchbox and the Scarlet Emerald.
Jota drops his bomb, which is immediately removed from the game
  (Washington, DC being a high-security area).
Jota drops the plaid primary token, and a new one is immediately created
  for him (since he's still in KiltQuest's home room).

I acquired a black primary token in West of Nowhere when The McGuffin
of Doom Quest was created; I now move from there to Washington, DC,
acquire a plaid primary token, and get a 1 bp exploration bonus.

I pick up the Bus Driver's Lunchbox, the Scarlet Emerald, and the
plaid primary token that's there (which is removed from the game
together with mine, and a new one created for me; this action
sponsored by the Keep Nomic Tidy Group).

My turn is completed. It is jwalrus' turn. Washington, DC now has 8

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