[Nomic02] Proposal: miscellaneous proposals

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:21:04 +0100

A mixed bag of proposals.

A proposal for two new rules, to regulate phased and conditional

  Present and Future Subjunctive [Psmith]

  Statements of intent may be posted to the list in advance, provided
  it is made clear when the player posting them intends them to take
  effect; they will take effect as if that player had posted them at
  that time.

  Statements of intent posted to the list may be made conditional upon
  aspects of the state of the game at the time that intent is due to
  take effect.

A proposal for the removal of one rule and the addition of one new
rule; this to move the winning score on somewhat, since the rate with
which it's being approached means the game looks as if it'll be over
before all the fun stuff recently added has a chance to properly kick
in, and that'd be a shame. The exact figure here is just a guess:

  Moving the Goalposts [Psmith]

  Remove Rule 15.

  Any player added to the game automatically receives 10 brownie
  points. Any player who manages to accrue three hundred and fifty
  (350) brownie points will immediately win the game.

A proposal for one new rule; giving the Bottle Imp something to do,

  Imp Power [Psmith]

  If the location of the Bottle Imp becomes a player, or is a player at
  the time that this rule comes into effect, that player's Puissance
  shall be increased by one; if the location of the Bottle Imp ceases to
  be that player, that player's Puissance shall be decreased by one.

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