(Note: the colors assigned here have no official status in the game, and are only used for the convenience of the map.)
Color Name Puissance Dark Gifts Location Servant Servant's location Brownie points Demerits
green Adam Biltcliffe 1 Flight West of Nowhere Baron Greenback (Toad (bufo bufo)) The North Pole 137 0
red Roger Carbol 1 none the Lounge Hugo (betta splendens) the Servants' Quarters 18 0
magenta Admiral Jota 1 Accumulation West of House Grunk (orc) Washington, DC 259 2
yellow Carl Muckenhoupt 2 Flight, Repulsiveness Iraq Banford (Brassica oleracea) Iraq 253 2
cyan Dylan O'Donnell 1 Flight Attic Gideon Crawle (steward) Central Park 292 0

Dylan O'Donnell has First Honors.

The Passive Voters list contains Roger Carbol and Admiral Jota. The Passive Turn-Takers list contains Roger Carbol.

All players can be reached through the game's mailing list,

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