nce upon a time, when the Garden was still young, there lived a young gnome called Eric who was so fond of gardening that he was known to everyone as Eric the Gardener.

One bright and sunny morning, Eric was out on his allotment, whistling happily and digging a hole in which he intended to plant some daisies he'd bought in the week. His mind on other things, Eric was somewhat surprised when his spade struck hard against something buried in the soil, a metallic clang echoing around the allotment.

Looking down, he saw that the denter of his spade was a dull brass object, half-covered by the damp soil. Wiping his brow, Eric set off to remove the offending object from its earthy confines. This took several hours.

Dusk was rapidly becoming Darkness when Eric finally finished, so he wrapped the strangely shaped object with his jacket and carried it into his toadstool. Closing the door behind him, he laid it flat on the kitchen table. Eric was exhausted from his efforts, but he was also very hungry, so he prepared supper, and heated some tea.

(Last updated on Saturday of Week 12.)