Name / Email Real Name / Web Page Offices Held / Salaries Party Medals Held
Elusive Julie Craddock Gnome Mentor (1*) Storyteller (1) Blue Party Leader (0) Deputy Sheriff (3)
Kevan Kevan Davis Gnome Mentor (1*) Allotment Allotter (3) Goblin Liaison (4) Green Party Leader (0) Gnome Mistress (5) Registrar (2) Cartographer (3)
Poltroon Dave Kenning Sheriff (3) Gnome Mentor (1*) Red Party Leader (0)
Womble Tom Walmsley   -
Cub Frank Schmidt Gamekeeper (3) Nut Referee (0*) Gnome Physician (2) -
Stoat Andy Craddock   -  
Abirrond David S. McKenna Gnome of Inventory (3) Gnome of Commerce (4) -
Murphy Ed Murphy  
Brex Brex Ansrath   -

Shining Example Medal

Active Service Medal
Capitalism Medal
Chamber of Commerce Medal
Daring Explorer Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Fame/Infamy Medal
Good Gardening Medal
Ingenuity Medal (Silver)
Recruitment Medal
Silver Star

Booby Prize Medal
Commerce Medal
Darling Medal
Gizmo Medal
Good Example Medal
Ingenuity Medal (Bronze)
Knowledge Medal
Literature Medal
Mail Order Medal
Medal Medal
Miscellaneous Medal
Nice as Pie Medal
Party Loyalty Medal
Propaganda Medal
Public Service Medal
Purple Heart Medal
Ten Medal

Past Winners Kevan won Game One, on the 4th of November 1998.