700 The Collector

The Collector

There is a person who is assigned the job of Collector. The Collector may not be one of the four Players in the Game. The Collector must agree to be the Collector. The Collector must obey all the Rules of the Game. To choose a Collector, a Player must publically nominate a person to be Collector. The other 3 Players must then publically announce exactly one of the following 'yes, i approve -nominee- as Collector' or 'no, -nominee- is a loser unfit to clean up after my dog, let alone be the Fourplay Collector.' If a nominee receives 3 'yes, i approve' votes, then he becomes the Collector and all other nominations are no longer considered. The person who nominated the Collector must then publically announce the email address of the Collector, and must provide it to any Player who asks for it.

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