400-406 Calls for Judgement

400. Invoking Judgement

Any Player who has a question or complaint about any matter concerning the laws and their interpretation may email their statement to the Speaker, who will then distribute it to the rest of the Voters. A call for judgement is then incurred on that statement.

401. Selecting A Judge

When Judgement has been called for, a Judge is randomly selected from among the other registered Players by the Speaker. The Player selected has 3 days in which to accept or refuse the appointment by posting to the Speaker. Any Player who does not respond to selection in 3 days shall be penalized 10 points, and is deemed to have refused appointment. If a selected Player refuses appointment, then a further random selection is made from the remaining pool.

402. Delivering Judgement

Having accepted the appointment, a Judge has exactly one week in which to post an official Judgement. A Judge who fails to deliver Judgement within that period is penalized 10 points.

403. Three Possible Judgements

There are only three possible Judgements: (1) True; (2) False; or (3) Undecided. A Judgement may be accompanied by reasons an arguments, but any such reasons and arguments form no part of the official Judgement itself.

404. Judgements Must Accord With The Rules

All Judgements must be in accordance with all the Rules then in effect. When the Rules are silent, inconsistent, or unclear on the statement in question, however, then the Judge shall consider currently existing Game custom and the spirit of the Game in reaching a decision.

405. Judgements Are Not Rules

If a statement on which Judgement has been called is Judged to be true, and that Judgement is not overruled, it does not thereby become a Rule, or any part of a Rule. It merely becomes an explicit part of currently accepted Game custom.

406. Overturning Judgements

At any time in the week following the posting of a Judgement of "true" or "false", any Player may propose that the Judgement be overruled, i.e. changed to "undecided". If that proposal is adopted, according to whatever Rules are currently in effect for the adoption of proposals, then the Judgement is overruled, and the Judge who made it penalized 20 points.

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