300-308 Voting

300. Voting Options

Players may vote either for or against any proposal during the prescribed voting period. Voters should send their vote by electronic mail to the Speaker before the end of the voting period. Players who do not vote within the prescribed period shall be deemed to have abstained.

301. Quorum

Quorum is defined to be 66% of the active registered Players.

302. Required Number Of Votes

The number of votes required to pass a proposal is two-thirds of the votes legally cast within the prescribed voting period.

303. One Player One Vote

Each Player has exactly one vote.

304. The Voting Process

A. When a Player votes on a proposal, he has exactly 2 options: yes and no. Anything else does not count as a vote.

B. When a Player votes, he must do so publically. He must clearly state which proposal for which he is voting. A Player may vote for more than one proposal in a single public message.

C. A Player has exactly one vote that counts. If he votes more than once, only the last vote made by that Player counts.

305. Proposing Implies a Yes Vote

When a player submits a proposal to the Speaker, he is considered to have automatically voted yes for that proposal. At any time however (including during the period of time before the Speaker publically distributes the proposal), that player may change his vote to no or to abstention by publically declaring that he is doing so.

306. The Prescribed Voting Period

The prescribed voting period on a proposal is seven days, starting from the moment that the proposal is distributed by the Speaker. Additionally, the Speaker must end the prescribed voting period on a particular proposal when any of the following occur:
    1) Enough Players have voted no, such that the proposal cannot pass, even if the remaining voting Players (who have not voted yet on that proposal) all vote yes. In this case, the proposal does not pass.
    2) Enough Players have voted yes, such that the proposal will definitely pass, even if the remaining voting Players (who have not voted yet on that proposal) all vote no. In this case, the proposal passes.
    3) If all Players vote on the proposal before the end of prescribed voting period, the voting period ends.

307. When Proposals Take Effect

An adopted proposal takes effect at the moment that the prescribed voting period ends.

Resubmitted Proposals That Failed Quorum

If a proposal fails quorum, and is resubmitted exactly as it was when it previously failed quorum, then that proposal automatically receives the same votes that it had already received on the previous voting period (Player's who had made votes can still change their votes during the new voting period, if they so desire).

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