DragaNomic Ruleset

DragaNomic Ruleset

This is the current ruleset. When this ruleset gets too large it will be catagorized and stuff. The Admin

1. The Admin has total control of the game.

2. If there is a proposal that I find unfit I may veto it.

3. I may disqualify any player at any time.

The Players

1. You are all members. If you send a proposal that is not in your character it will be vetoed.

2. You can choose any type of character to be but it has to fit the time period.

3. A player must submit a vote by e-mailing enough information to identify which proposal is being voted on, and a vote of Yay for acceptance or Nay for rejection, to the Admin.

The Proposals

1. Proposals do not have to be unanomous to be accepted.

2. The Admin cannot accept a proposal that has been not voted in favor of.

3. A human being may become a player by submitting a proposal to the Admin.

4. A player may submit a proposal by e-mailing the text of the proposal to the Admin. Winning

1. As you gain more points you will be elevated in levels. There are 5 levels.

2. Your level increases every time you pass a ten point mark. Accepted proposals give you five points, denied or vetoed ones lose you five points.

3. When you reach the 5th level you are eligable to win. You win by passing 5 consequative proposals.

4. If you can not win, you are brought back down to the 1st level.

Email: kirkthevamp@hotmail.com