DocNomic Round 2 Final Gamestate

Here are a few miscellaneous items of Gamestate data from the end of Round 2. More were kept:

  • in the ruleset itself (locations and colors of Rule Documents)
  • at the Player Details Page (out of date at present)
  • in various databases at Yahoo Groups (out of date at present).
  1. Players and Points
  2. Office Holders
  3. Length of a Dun
  4. Round Number
  5. Winners

  1. Players and Points
  2. Britta Koch active 0
    Jeffrey J. Weston inactive 0
    John Kipling Lewis active 0
    Kevan Davis active 10
    Martin Couchman inactive 0
    Micheal Thomas active 0

  3. Office Holders
  4. Doc is the person variously known as Doctroid, Rich Holmes, or rsholmes.

    Secretary is the person variously known as Micheal Thomas or pope_thomasm.

  5. Length of a Dun
  6. A dun is equal to 48 hours.

  7. Round Number
  8. 2 (began 7 Jun 2001)

  9. Winners
  10. Round 1: Kevan (by proclamation; greatest total of body and soul points).

    Round 2: Kevan Davis (by Clearing Eir Desk).

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