DocNomic Officer Chart

(A table enabling comparisons of the benefits and responsibilities of various DocNomic officers. Up to date as of date shown at bottom.)
Officer Duties Salary Powers Restrictions
Doc Runs the game None Omnipotent None
Pharmacist Handles Pharmacy transactions; makes pills; adjusts pill prices 75 C weekly None None
Mad Scientist's Assistant Animates Zombies, adjusts Zombies for depreciation None 2 BP -> 1 SP None
Nurse Oversees Doc elections; distributes ex-Players' pills if no addict; performs blood tests; maintains Blood Bank; surges the Surgeon; handles communicable disease transmission; designates Addict; handles Migraine; treats Sniffles 45 C / 1 G / 1 SP weekly; 20% of fees for surgery Has keys to Padded Room None
Epidemiologist Keeps track of diseases; dispenses one-of-a-kind treatments; handles new disease infection 1 R / 1 Y weekly; 2 SP for treatments 3 BP -> 1 SP; 25% chance to avoid communicable disease; 15 SP -> infect another Player (5 SP if Ep. misspelled) None
Psychiatrist Handles general therapy, specific counselling, electroshock 50% of treatment fees Administer relapse; has keys to Padded Room Must work in Psychiatric Ward
Surgeon Keeps track of injuries and physical diseases; cures injuries; administers injuries and physical diseases 100 C / 1 R / 1 B weekly 2 SP -> 1 BP Must work in Trauma Center
Hospital Building Engineer Tracks locations 1 Y / 1 P weekly None None

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