Current Proposals

This page lists the proposals currently under consideration by the players of the CharNomci game.  These will be listed in ascending order by rule-change number, and the author of the proposal will be identified.  The current status of the proposal (in debate, voting, etc.) will be indicated as well.

Proposal 311:

The players who vote pro to losing proposals shall receive 10 points each.

Submitted for consideration on April 15, 1998, by Shawn Goldman.
Voting from ?/? - ?/?.

Proposal 314

Former Rule 104, now mutable( Rule 307), shall be changed as follows:

All rule-changes proposed in the proper way shall be voted on. They will be adopted if and only if they receive the required number of votes.  This vote will be completed within five days of the termination of debate. Voting will end at midnight of the last day of the voting period.

Submitted for consideration on April 17, 1998, by John Lombardi
Voting from 4/21 - 4/23.

Proposal 323:
A rule shall be added to the ruleset as follows:

Adding New Players:
Henceforth, the term Player will apply to any individuals allowed to
participate in CharNomic in any capacity other than observation and/or
discussion.  All current individuals participating are considered players,
and retain the activity status that they had immediately prior to this
rule's adoption.

New players must be added in the following way: individuals wishing to join
the game must explicitly announce to the group of players, via the acepted
means, their request to join.  There will follow a 1 day waiting period,
during which any active player may note an objection to the player's
joining.  Objections are discussed below. If no objection is lodged and the
waiting period has elapsed, the new person will be considered an inactive
player.  The new player may, at any point afterward, announce
himself/herself to be active, as is stipulated in the current ruleset.

Any member of the mailing list who is not considered a player, is
considered to be a lurker, and may not participate in the game in any way
other than observation and/or discussion, with the following exception:  A
lurker can communicate a desire to join the game as stipulated in the above

A player can become a non-player in one of 2 ways.
  1)  The player may announce himself/herself to be so.
  2)  The player may be ruled a non-player through any legal means to
change the game state.  This includes, but is not limited to, a motion.

Players who become non-players are removed from the inactive or active
lists on which they are currently written, and their point score is removed
from the game entirely.

If an objection is raised during the waiting period of a pending player, a
call for vote from the active players is immediately enacted as to whether
the objection is valid or not.  If by the second occurance of midnight,
EST, after that point there are a majority of votes in favor of the
objection from the active players, the pending player does not become a
player.  Otherwise the pending player becomes an inactive player at that
point, and may declare themselves to be active at any point afterward.

Submitted for consideration on May 13, 1998, by Paul Wiegand
Voting from 5/19 - 5/22.

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