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Case 101/0 : 25 September 1999 16:45 CDT : Joel Uckelman v. Thelma Charity Fund
Court: Matt Kuhns



The Thelma Charity Fund may not be dispersed under the current rules.
Plaintiff's Comments:
I just realized that I didn't distribute the contents of the Thelma Charity Fund after Kuhns put some Subers and slack in it on 16 August. As per R499/0 the Admin is supposed to distribute its contents "after the voting period has ended, but prior to the beginning of the next turn"; however, by the time Kuhns did that, R202 had been changed to its current form, eliminating any *time* between the end of voting and the beginning of the next turn. So, it appears that the R202/6 prevents the contents of the Fund from being distributed, as there isn't enough time at the end of a turn for the Administrator to send a message taking that action.
Court's Comments:

Tue 09 Nov 1999 15:03:53 -0600