Judging pool analysis, Josh Kortbein, October 1998
What follows are the results of the random judge selections since this game has started, including those players who are no longer with us.

Nifty graph of below info

Player      Selections RFJs
Dakota Bailey   2       0
Ben Byrne       4       0
Allan Dudding   1       0
Jason Durheim   0       0
Nate Ellefson   1       1
Adam Haar       2       0
Mike Jensen     3       2
Josh Kortbein   1       7
Matt Kuhns      3       0
Damon Luloff    2       5
Chris Mayfield  1       0
Tom Mueller     1       2
Nick Osborn     5       2
Andy Palecek    3       0
Rich Peters     2       0
Tom Plagge      2       1
Ed Proescholdt  2       0
Jeff Schroeder  2       0
Joel Uckelman   4       4
Jill Wittrock   1       0
Aaron Woell     0       0

TOTAL           42      24

MEAN            2       1.30384
STD. DEV.       1.13286 1.95667
Appellate courts' judges were counted separately, which explains the disparity between the totals.

Note the strange cluster of action centered in the Pleasure Matrix. :)

Observation: given that the deletion/addition of players near the beginning of the alphabet has bumped things back and forth a bit, the maxes are roughly at the beginning, middle, and end of the list.

A question: what sort of distribution, across RFJs and turns, would we like to see? It's difficult to determine whether or not we'd even be meeting it, since the judge pool changes from RFJ to RFJ.

Observation: is there a correlation between making RFJs and being selected a judge? The stats for Damon and I support this hypothesis; we were available less often for judgeship, since we made most of the calls. Joel, however, fowls things up.

Any stat geeks out there care to comment? The shifting pool size confounds me.