Joining Axiom

How To Join Axiom

The way to join Axiom is defined by Rule 103.

The long and short of that rule (for the purposes of joining the game), is that to join you have to tell everyone else that you agree to follow the rules of the game. Its that simple. Below is a more detailed description.

You need to be on the mailing lists so that you can communicate with the other players. The mailing lists only accepts mail from addresses that they also sends mail to, so subscribe using the email address that you want to use to send mail to the lists with. To get on the mailing lists, send email (from the address you will continue to send mail from) to with no subject and a body with the following text:

subscribe axiom-list

subscribe axiom-voting

subscribe axiom-discussion

If you think mailing list software is scary (and I wouldn't blame you if you did), you can send email me at and tell me what address you will use to send and receive email and I will deal with the list for you.

Sometimes Sonic's majordomo software gets a little case of indigestion and doesn't process commands right away. Remember, the mailing lists only accept messages from addresses on the outgoing list, so if you introduce yourself before you get a "you are on the mailing list" message, the bot will think you are trying to spam the list and will "bounce" your mail. Then you've got to send it all over again and the whole grandeur of the moment is ruined. So wait till the bots acknowledges you.

If you are bold, send your first email to the list introducing yourself (or tell us to piss off and get ready for your impending Emperorship, if that's what you feel like) and agree to follow the rules of Axiom. The important part is agreeing to follow the rules, that's the part that really makes you a player. If you are less than totally bold, just mention that you'd like me to introduce you and I'll raise a proper hue and cry and make sure everyone treats you nice.

You don't have to join right away, you can just watch if that's what you feel like, but it is generally recommended that you jump in and learn to swim by going for it, just hanging back and listening tends not to work so well.

If you've got any questions you'd like to ask before joining, don't hesitate to send me email, I'm always happy to discuss (and shamelessly plug) Axiom.

Last Updated: 9/1/2000 10:00pm PST
Author: Jennifer Mueller
If you're wonder whether the game is still going, message me at