Mafia Faction Document

Leadership Election/Auction Protocols

The following is quoted from the post that preceded the beginning of the first few months of auctions.


Our elections should (in a thematically appropriate way) be 
held by a bidding war to commence on the first day of each 
month and run until no one bids again for 24 hours or 10 days 
passes, whichever comes first.  New bids must be less than or 
equal to cash on hand, in legal increments of $T, and be at 
least 5% more than the last bid.

The top bidder when gets to be leader till at least the next 
election.  By bidding, e automatically agrees to give half of 
eir bid to each of the other faction members (rounding down to
the nearest 0.01$T, with the possible leftover $T0.01 to go to
whoever was the leader in the previous month).  The losers of 
the auction automatically agree to accept the cash (so we 
don't clog the list with unnecessary "I agree" emails).

If someone wins the auction and in between making a legal bid 
and having to pay out the cash e loses enough money that e 
won't be able to cover eir debts, then the "winner" reverts to
the next lowest bid, and so on until we get to a bid that 
someone CAN cover.


Last Updated: 9/4/2000 4:00pm PST
Author: Jennifer Mueller
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